Mr. Beverage

Solar Initiative has created three online platforms, of which one Dutch platform. Mr. Beverage, is the place to go concerning everything - as the title may give away - beverages. Read all about drinks, watch how-to videos, explore the finest hotspots to consume these beverages and more. The complete concept, design, art-direction and all content is Solar Initiatives own.


Solar Initiative is a creative agency that is great at conceptual, visual and logistic solutions. From a creative yet no nonsense approach, we deliver projects on large scale from A to Z.

With bright ideas, clear communication concepts, a strong sense of style and

trends, sharp budgeting, creative production and full commitment as our principles we have proven to achieve surprising and beautiful results.

Always working from an optimal balance between creative and commercial interest, with branding as our second nature.

Concept Development
Art Direction
Project Direction
Graphic Design
Digital Design

Art Buying
Photography & Film
Photography Production
Project Management

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